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Concierge Services

Whether it's for business or pleasure, I.B.D designed so that everything is catered to our customers' preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements.

From last-minute restaurant reservations and boutique hotels, out-of-the-ordinary attraction, following closely to our clients wishes. Our Motto is "Everything is possible". Our clients ask, we deliver.

MICE Tourism

Leading at startup and looking to the future, Israel is one of the best places to join conferences and conventions in different fields such as: startup, sciences, medicine, computer technology, politics and more. I.B.D ensures our clients get a seat at some of the biggest events happening in Israel.

Medical Tourism
Formation of Business Delegations

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing industry, with Israel being one of the top countries specializing in the area. It has developed one of the best healthcare systems in the world and some of the best doctors in the world, who are capable of performing complicated procedures and treatments.

I.B.D is working in cooperation with the medical tourism agency “Izmedic”, and can arrange the best service for our clients with the best hospitals and doctors.

I.B.D is well connected with the leading Israeli companies and senior government officials. We have vast experience working with Russian companies and businessmen in finding lucrative investment opportunities and matchmaking between Russian investors and Israeli companies.

Today, we put our experience and knowledge into practice in China and East Asia.

Israeli tech companies, Hi-Tech and startup roadshows
  • žIsrael is known all around the world as the "Startup Nation". I.B.D lets our clients get a seat at some of the best startup roadshows happening in Israel.

  • žEntrepreneurs mapping services according to our client’s area of interest

  • žPrivate meetings with companies, VCs, Angels, etc.

  • žAccompanying of experts and professional analysts.

Personnel Training
  • žThe State of Israel is known for its expertise in counter-terrorism, coping with emergencies and rescue methods.  I.B.D is working with the market's top companies and individuals, EX-IDF Special Forces, Rescuers and paramedics to bring the top quality training.

  • žIsrael’s Education is influenced by its culture and great minds. I.B.D offers a close look at some of the special educational projects such as the ORT Holistic program, scientific kindergartens, and positive education influenced by the Jewish way of thinking.

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